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Tongue Analysis

Tongue analysis is an ancient and valuable diagnostic tool in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

When I ask to see your tongue, I’m looking at: 


  • Body size

  • Body shape

  • Body coloring

  • Moisture

  • Coating

  • Thickness

  • Papillae

  • Cracks and Indentations

  • Movement


Each of these things tells me the story of what is happening inside your body. The different areas of your tongue tell me about your Organ Systems (capitalized in TCM, and encompassing more than anatomical organs).


Tongue diagnosis is both simple and very complex. Volumes have been written on the subject. I’m happy to share with you what I learn from inspecting your tongue and teach you a bit about what I’m looking for. Because the tongue changes quite quickly in response to herbs, it’s very helpful as we work together to develop your protocol. Clients become accustomed to sticking out their tongues for me! Don’t be surprised when you receive requests from me for more tongue pictures.

Tongue Video Analysis
Tongue Chart
Tongue Image.png
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