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Eleos Herbals Process

#1 Choosing Your Package

Before that happens, let me tell you a bit about how I work, and what you can expect to experience during your time with me. I’ll begin by asking you to look through my consultation packages and see which best fits your needs. These packages were created to outline in detail how I will use my education, experience, and expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic, and Western Herbalism to meet your needs. No matter which package you choose, know that I am excited to be on your team, and my intent will always be to help you reach your wellness goals.

#2 Scheduling Your Appointment

After purchasing your package, the next step will be to access both the Eleos Herbals Intake and Informed Consent forms.

These are PDF forms you can fill out online and send securely through Adobe Acrobat. Once your forms hit my inbox, you’ll be able to access my calendar to find an appointment that works with your schedule. I’ll double-check that the date, time, and service make the most sense for your needs, and we will book your intake appointment.

#3 Gathering More Diagnostic Information

On the day of your appointment, I will send you a video that demonstrates how I’d like you to take pictures and a video of your tongue. Tongue Diagnosis is a pillar of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) dating back thousands of years. Pictures and videos of your tongue verify what I learn about you through your paperwork and during your intake appointment. It may seem a little odd, but don’t worry. I’ll explain what I’m seeing and tell you how it helps me to determine the imbalances (called patterns in TCM) in your body. Once you’ve sent me your pictures and video, we’ll be ready to meet.

#4 Determining Your Imbalances

If I’m fortunate and get to meet you in person, I’ll begin our appointment by taking your pulses. Pulses are another diagnostic tool of Traditional Chinese Medicine and help to corroborate what I learn through other diagnostic methods. Once I’ve done that we’ll begin going through your paperwork together. I will gather information and determine how your signs and symptoms define the underlying patterns of disharmony you are currently experiencing. We’ll discuss these and together prioritize which pattern(s) we will address first.  

#5 Discovering Nurtritional Factors

If diet is a factor (hint: diet is always a factor) on your path to wellness, we’ll discuss this. Often, I will give you a week of menu planning. We will also discuss the best kinds of daily movement and exercise for your patterns and goals.

#6 Working Towards Harmony

If we are together in my office, we will discuss cupping, ear-seeding, auricular therapy, and Korean Hand Therapy, and choose one of those modalities to help create some momentum for the protocol I will design for you. Each of these is a great way to encourage movement from a place of disharmony towards the harmony we are seeking.

#7 Creating a Personalized Plan

Finally, we'll conclude our first appointment with my herbal recommendations. Depending on the situation (virtual or in-person) and the complexity of your case, I will take a few days to formulate and write up your protocol. I will then order and/or mail your herbs, either from my own apothecary or from an herbal compounding pharmacy. If you are in my office, we will practice taking herbs together and answer any questions you may have. You will go home with at least one personalized formulation. This might be a tea blend, a tincture, or granules you’ll dissolve in warm water and drink like tea. Before we say goodbye, we’ll set up a one-week check-in (by phone or email) and get your next appointment on the books.

Utilize Concierge Support

This Concierge Model of care allows you to contact me (by text or email) with questions, concerns, new symptoms, etc. between our scheduled appointments. It allows for more communication, which in turn leads to better, more focused support and care on my end. It allows me to make you a priority and gives me time to do the research necessary to create and update your personalized wellness protocol. In TCM, we talk about both the root and branch of patterns of disharmony. While our focus will be on the root, branch symptoms change quickly as you begin taking herbs. I find that being informed of those changes in real-time makes for a smoother, more successful client experience.

That is my goal.

Of all the herbal things I do—growing and processing plants, creating custom formulas, making tinctures and teas, salves and herbal oils, working with clients is my favorite. I look forward to working with you!

– Karen Wentlandt, EWPH

I’m not keeping her as my own personal secret either. I refer her constantly and she’s helped numerous friends and family members. I honestly would be so lost without her and think everyone would benefit from time invested with her.


-Courtney O

Karen has helped me with so many things. My night sweats are under control. My ability to handle stress has improved. I haven’t had a cold since I have been taking her Elderberry Syrup and Jade Screen.


-Dolores B

She’s seriously amazing. I was at a helpless point after giving birth to my first daughter. I’d been to tons of doctors and they all didn’t really have anything to do for me but I was beside myself not feeling good. Karen kept at the problem and turned things around for me. 

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