Decoction + Infusion = Killer Cough Syrup (Recipe)

Step 1: Bring four cups of distilled water* to a boil, add contents of large herb packet.

Step 2. Pour the contents of the small herb packet into a mug or small glass container. Add cold water to just cover.

Step 3: Lower heat and simmer until liquid is reduced by half. Stir every now and then.

Step 4: Strain herbs from liquid using cheesecloth.* Be sure to squish all the good stuff from the plant material. (THIS IS THE DECOCTION)

Step 5: Discard plant material, and pour liquid into quart mason jar. Allow to cool to 95 degrees.

Step 6: Strain cold water infusion (THIS IS THE INFUSION) and add liquid to cooled decoction in mason jar.

Step 6, Option 1: Stir in 2 cup raw* honey and store in fridge.

Step 6, Option 2: Stir in 1 cup honey plus brandy or whiskey equal to 20% of your decocted liquid**

Dosing: Take 1Tbsp syrup every 30 minutes as needed. Increase to 1Tbsp every 10 minutes during acute coughing, decreasing as cough subsides.

Dosing for children 12 months and older: Take 1 tsp.

*Perfect world scenario. Tap water, refined honey, and a fine mesh strainer all work in the real world.

**Because sugar (even in the form of honey) increases phlegm, Option 2 is really the best way to make herbal syrup. You don't have to get too mathy with your alcohol. If you have two cups of decocted liquid, add roughly 1/4 cup alcohol. If you don't care to use alcohol, the honey will be just fine. I promise.

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